Tree to Table

Fresh World takes pride in connecting growers, processors and exporters of Fresh produce and Tree nuts, not only from one country or from one growing region, but from the best orchards in the world to retailers, traders, and whole sale distributors with ease and dependability.

Connecting growers and processors

We connect growers to processors and to global markets using advanced inventory management system. Our growers take impeccable care to deliver the greatest results in the selection of the produce, which is achieved by precise monitoring, established auditing procedures and harvesting techniques.

Connecting processors and retailers

Our processors pack the finest produce best suited for long boat rides and excellent self-life. By using established multi stage inspection and strict quality control procedures, we help ship each carton of produce or bag of Treenuts with utmost confidence.

Orchards to your door step

From the packing house to your door step or at your favorite port at different geographical locations around the world, our processors, shippers and exporters network can deliver the freshest produce and tree nuts on time. Our committed contracts with shipping lines and local transportation companies ensure that your produce is safely transported and delivered in top condition.

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